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Partners Unite takes a hands on approach when searching for your compatible partner. Our process begins by calling our office or filling out a personal preference form. At this time we will set up a confidential interview for you to meet with one of our experienced counselors.

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This is when you meet with one of our counselors. Our counselors take the time to get to know you and learn more bout the attributes you find desirable in a partner. This interview combined with our 5 Star Compatibility Assessment will help us create quality introductions for you. This interview is also imperative for our thorough screening process to take place.

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Once your membership has been activated our matching department will hand select the most compatible match for you. We consider preferences such as age, physical appearance, personality traits, values, interests and lifestyles. Our matching department will then contact you and your potential match to provide details about the introduction. You can be sure that your match is exactly what you have requested as you get to pre-approve everyone of your introductions.

Gay Dating Philadelphia

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This is when the excitement truly begins. You and your potential partner will contact one another and make arrangements to meet. We recommend a nice dinner or light lunch. Once you have had the opportunity to get to know each other our matching department will be patiently waiting for your feedback. Our department will use this information to get to know you and your preferences better which will help us get you closer to your perfect match.


Partners Unite focuses on quality and accurateness over quantity and speed. It allows for a phenomenal social experience while keeping your end goal of a long-term relationship clearly in sight.


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